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The film premiered on (date)

The film has an outstanding plot/cast

The film is subtitle

The film is based in real facts/events

To my mind is a master piece / over-rated

I was particularly attracted by...

It was full/plenty of food for thought

It was better than I expected

The film is shot in (location)

All the shooting was done in

People claim that this movie is a masterpiece

The plot engaged me

The plot doesn't give you a break

The film successfully combines the personal life of the main characters

The team/staff of actors play in a satisfactory and realistic manners

... low performance of some celebrity

There is one general topic ... and several subtopics

The film is an adaptation

Suffice it to say that it will be a blockbuster

It is an easy-enjoyable film for the whole family

I was shocked,impressed, and inspired after watching it yesterday

I am indifferent to all these 3D...

I cannot remember a movie trailer that would make me want to watch actual movie

as the story gradually moves to space, the rate of tension increases

Now combine it with the fact that time is not absolute, and behaves behaves differently depending on the force of a gravitational field

All actors put on a great show as well

It cannot boast of super-stunning effects

Interstellar” for me is the new “2001: Space Odyssey”

By the way, have I mentioned it is rumored that...

I heard claims that it is the best film about...

I decide to take a glance at the newborn candidate to my list

Is a thriller that manages to pump up the tension by many artistic means at once

It is literally impossible to look away from the screen

and helps to engage the audience deeper into the shown situation

His performance also was convincing and satisfactory

Other minor defects which attentive viewers can possibly notice do not spoil the atmosphere

Even minor discrepancies do not spoil the general impression

he will give you immediate satisfaction

a promise to spend a magical moment

prices down-to-earth

and you're well-rewarded for your ten dollar ticket

The exhibits appeal not just to dance-lovers, but to …

The set reflects a typical...

 let us say, for the sake of argument, that the plotter and the assassin are one and the same person.

 (for the purpose of; in the interest of; in order toachieve or preserve)

… owes its continued popularity to a convincing cast of characters

The plot deals with the social issues people in Britain face today

If you want to experience a slice of … I recommend you...

It's not a novel, but a play

The characters are wonderfully portrayed

This novel is full of flashbacks

The plot is unpredictable

I was continually impressed by the depth of the characters

You're looking forward to the end of the novel

It's envelops you

The book bring us closer to an unknown world

Nobody should pass up the opportunity to read/watch this book/film