You are here


It was great to receive your letter...

I have mixed feelings

to keep you busy

to pay homage to

Write soon and tell me your decision!

It's you I'm concerned about

And besides...

Drinking ruins sexual performance

Have you considered...

Have you ever considered taken up a diet

Otherwise, …

In the long run (in the long term)

Write back soon,

How's everything with you?

I tried out the powder for myself


I was hooked

your sense of adventure and taste for action

Anyway, let me know what's up with you lately, any exciting news?

Time for a catch-up!

I've put my fears to one side and made up my mind to do...

what are the facilities like?

I can count on your support

Speak soon

Great to hear from you!

There goes / here we go...

First up/off

the role got more challenging

get a small stipend / we're not talking heaps of money

If you ask me...

But have a look around to see what other options are out there

Good luck!

I thought I fill you in on what you've been missing

teamed up

as a sort of warning

as a slice of advice

Happy -ing!

Everything is up to you