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Spit it out

Both activities / means of transport are

is more / less … than

On the countrary / On the other hand

Neither of these are...

I like … so I would choose...

If I had to choose between the two, I would choose

So far...

Not at all

Stand out (sobresalir)

At last but not least

That´s awesome / fine for me

That´s sound amazing

Do you fancy + gerund? / Do you fancy a drink?

Come up with ideas

As far as the housing is concerned

It´s worth visiting / it will be worth seeing

Day in, day out (everyday)

About four fifths (4/5) two-thirds (2/3) one half (½)

It was a very good buy indeed


A more suitable solution has to be found

Needless to say, …


Nobody knows for sure the long lasting effects of radioactivity 


The Dutch have demonstrated that it is perfectly feasible to live below sea level.

There´s anything wrong with that

What´s going on?

Hold your horses (un momento)

I will try with all my might

be in the doghouse informal be in disgrace or disfavour.

A bunch of friends

get the message informal understand what is implied by a remark or action.

How did it come about?

Do you want me to give you some examples?

I agree with you up to the point

Many trials have demonstrate that is perfectly feasible...

I feel on fire

Talking about the fact...

Bear something in mind

it depends on the age your turning

Moving to the next point

everything has been already mentioned

on second thoughts, perhaps he was right.

It reminds me to …

light / heavy topic

there´s a fine line between...

there's more snow on the way

specially made/designed

According to what I believe

Maybe someone is bending the truth

That´s a shame/pity

what strikes me most is...

You must be conscious of...

I´m curious about this point

Activities ... according to age

I got cold feet (me da miedo)

I'm all fingers and thumbs (se me da mal)

Come up with (ocurrencias)

Maybe someone is playing a trick on you

Celebrity endorsement

To kick off an event/festival... (empezar)

What kind of music/dancing appeals to you

Prices are subject to change


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